Friday, December 28, 2012

The waiting game!

Things are moving slowly but hopefully once this Christmas period is over it will start to pick up speed. As I said in the last post we have signed off on our quote and have had it all sent off, so we're still waiting for our drawings to come back and to hear from Metricon about our Studio M appointment. We have also ordered the soil and site test but but that put through the week before Christmas, so we're trying to be patient in waiting for that to happen. We're hanging to see what our site costs will be to see how much extra we can spend out at the Studio! Our block went unconditional last week, so I got to go and put the sold sticker on the board which was super exciting!

Shane and I have been throwing around colours for the house. We're looking at going for quite a light brick at the moment. We have looked at many darker houses but feel they are too dark for what we're after. Also, we live approx 1km from the beach so I'd like to try and keep in line with our surroundings. I'd also like the interior to be quite light and neutral. We've looked at a stack of kitchens and can't find something that we both totally love, so we're hoping we can come up with something on the day we choose our colours!! I've added a couple of photos below of what we are considering at the moment!

Hopefully I'll be back in the next week with our drawings and an appointment date!

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