Friday, June 14, 2013

Long time between posts!

It's now been nearly 6 months between posts and we are finally getting somewhere! The contract stage took a lot longer than we had hoped, then came the finance. That was a nightmare!! It took 7 weeks to the day from submitting the paperwork to M finally receiving our deposit. Apparently our bank changed their loan requirements after we had submitted it which meant the whole loan/process needed to be rejigged and we ended up with a shortfall that we had to pay. I'm still furious over it, we have had numerous house loans with them over the past few years as well as all of our banking. The block loan was also through them at the time, so once this process is over we will be taking our business elsewhere!! 

Anyway... Onto happier things! Here is the final floor plan for the house. As I said in the previous posts we are building the Lindeman 28 which we have changed slightly. We added in the Butlers Pantry and extended the dining room down towards the back of the house. Nothing else structural was changed, just the upgrades we did out at Studio M which I will do a separate post about. 

2 weeks ago M did the site cut, the following day they put down the pipe work and then a week after they poured the slab. Excuse the photos, these have been taken with my iPhone. 
We were completely ecstatic!! At last after all this waiting we finally had something to stare at many times a day!! Id hate to think of how much petrol we've chewed through driving over to the block!! Thursday this week we had our frame delivered and Friday they put it up!

It was awesome to be able to walk through the house! We forgot how small our bedroom/ensuite/WIR is! When deciding on the house we decided to sacrifice bedroom space for a larger open plan living area which is where we will spend most of our time. We plan on building again in the future which will be more of a custom build but for the moment while I'm studying and home with the kids, this will be home. 

I'll head off and work on a post with our upgrades and colour selections which should be up later today! 

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  1. Danielle -have a look at this post from House of Turquoise today and you can see what white stools look like in an all white kitchen with dark floors. Mel